Next Steps in Bridge:
20 Lessons for Improvers

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Spiral bound A4 format includes workbook. 

Maggie Hadley is a Professional Member of the English Bridge Teachers Association
1st Edition: ISBN 978-0-9563046-1-2 

Enhance your skills in this intriguing game. These 20 easy-to-follow bridge lessons cover some revision of beginner’s topics in addition to new conventions and strategies.

  • Structured lessons on bidding and play
  • Hand examples and tips on declarer play and defence
  • Clear bidding tables and charts
  • Workbook of exercises for each lesson
  • Guidance on duplicate bridge play

For those undertaking a bridge course these lessons offer an invaluable companion reference guide. If you're returning to bridge after a break, it will help you update your knowledge and increase your confidence.

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'A great follow up to the beginner’s lessons and an ideal resource for those attending a course or learning online or with friends.'


‘I bought this book and am impressed by the clarity of the lesson topics and the wealth of information including hints and tips for improver players. As a result I have also bought the first book in the series by the same author for a friend who is learning to play. Highly recommended.’


‘More advanced topics are introduced, including cue, splinter and transfer bidding. The workbook reaffirms the many and varied facts from each of the twenty chapters. Good value for the asking price.’

'The workbook exercises are particularly welcome as they offer the opportunity for learners to test their understanding as they progress through the course.'