Next Steps in Bridge:
20 Lessons for Improvers

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Spiral bound A4 format includes workbook. 

Maggie Hadley is a Professional Member of the English Bridge Teachers Association
ISBN 978-0-9563046-0-5  

Learn to play this captivating game through a course of 20 practical and easy to follow lessons.

  • Structured lessons on bidding, play and defence
  • Further hand evaluation and adjusting the guidelines
  • Clear bidding tables and charts
  • Workbook of exercises for each lesson
  • Guidance on surviving duplicate bridge play

This is the follow up book to Learn to Play Bridge: 20 Lessons for Beginners. The content is based on lesson notes and it assumes knowledge of the material in the first book. The book covers a second year programme of course topics for improvers. It is a useful reference guide for any student teaching themselves, attending a bridge course or learning online. It may also appeal to those who have played bridge in the past and are keen to update their knowledge of modern Acol. Whether you play in a club or at home with friends, these lessons offer revision of first year topics, while taking knowledge and skills a step further. Some new conventions including Transfers and Fourth Suit Forcing are introduced. 

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This must-have book is a comprehensive guide to modern Acol bridge.'

Brilliant book for beginners. As a complete beginner I've loved working through this book. The explanations are clear, succinct yet sufficiently detailed for me. I like the way that tables have been used to present summarised information which are particularly useful if you've only got a few minutes to have a read. I've bought the follow-on book for intermediates which I think shows you how highly I recommend this book. Enjoy.'


Brilliant, explains how to play easily.'


Clear presentation offers a journey through the exciting experience of getting to grips with this fascinating and challenging game.'