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Bridge is played by over 200 million people worldwide. As an alternative to attending private classes or local clubs it is possible to learn bridge online. Oasis Bridge Tuition is a friendly, fun space where you can learn how to play bridge.

A game for all ages and skill levels.

Although the game often attracts retired players, many young people have signed up to learn bridge online during the pandemic. The English Bridge Union encourages schools to introduce bridge lessons for pupils aged 8 -11 as the game helps youngsters develop skills in numeracy, problem solving, logic and teamwork.







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Why Learn to Play Bridge?

So, is bridge for you? It’s a partnership game requiring cooperation, trust and a sense of humour - as your strategies may be thwarted by opponents. The game is exciting, challenging, and sometimes demanding, but you’ll never get bored. Bridge is normally fast-paced, with each deal lasting around 8 minutes.

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Learn to Play Bridge

Join a local class or try video bridge lessons to get started. As you progress, you can practice and play on your own using bridge software, join games with your friends or enjoy bridge online with players from around the world. 

Maggie offers online classes and face-to-face lessons in Bristol, video replays and free short videos. She is the author of 2 Bridge Lesson Books for beginners, revisers and improvers.

 Live Online Bridge Courses

You can learn bridge online through informative, friendly, and demonstrative lessons.

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 Topic-based Seminars for Improvers

Live or via video replays.

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 Short Videos: Hints and tips

Work though some example hands to improve your bidding, play and defence. Explore our free monthly videos  here.


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 Bridge Lesson Books

Learn to play bridge in your own time. These A4 format books offer a systematic guide to modern Acol with charts, sample hands and quizzes.  


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About Your Bridge Tutor
Maggie Hadley


Maggie is a Professional Member of the English Bridge Teachers Association (EBTA) and has taught a wide range of students over the last 20 years. She teaches modern Acol, a natural system played widely in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. She established and taught at the Oasis Bridge Club in Bristol and has published two books of bridge lessons.

Maggie is an experienced teacher and psychologist. Decision-making, imagination, intuition, teamwork and confidence are as important as the strategies taught. Bridge can be a very serious game, but most of us play for fun and sociability, so lessons are informal and light-hearted. She is passionate about encouraging beginners and improvers to discover the different levels of pleasure in the game. 





Frequently Asked Questions

Is bridge difficult to learn?

It depends on the approach used. The Oasis Bridge course encourages students to think for themselves and develop good strategies, rather than rigidly following complicated rules. Those keen to improve their play can also benefit from gaining a sound grasp of the basics. Topics are clear and logical so students can learn bridge online at a relaxed pace - without stress.

How can I learn bridge online?

Learn bridge online lessons are carried out in a Zoom classroom, with detailed course notes sent to you by email. Each lesson includes a presentation with example hands and time for you to ask questions. We have a  break so you can to grab a cup of coffee and have an informal chat with other players, and then we work through the practice hands together.

Prefer face to face lessons?

Contact Maggie for information on bridge lessons running in the Bristol area.



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