Online Bridge Tuition

Oasis Bridge Tuition offers you the opportunity to learn bridge online via video replays, or attending private lessons in the Bristol area. 





What is Online Bridge Tuition Like?


Learn how to play bridge online with fun, informative lessons.

Although the bidding system is modern Acol, Lessons on DECLARER play and DEFENCE are suitable for Acol and Standard players. You will receive detailed course notes for each of the video replay lessons. 

Lessons run in this format:

  • Introduction and topic presentation
  • Playing through hands


What do I need to learn bridge online?

You will need to have a gmail address or google account (you can open one free of charge) to watch on your computer, laptop or tablet. We will email detailed lesson notes which you can print if you wish. 

Recorded seminars are aimed at players with some experience. Would you like to increase your confidence in bidding, play and defence? These online, topic-based bridge lessons  can help you discover new approaches and revise previous ones. You can email any questions you have arising from the lessons.


Better Defence: video replay

Cost £8.00

We find ourselves defending a contract 50% of the time, but do we put in as much effort as when we are declarer? This session will focus on a number of defence techniques including 2nd/3rd hand play, unblocking suits, leading through strength, and basic signals, while working through a few interesting practice hands. 

Video recorded from a live session. 75 mns: available for 8 weeks. Access the replay with a gmail or google account.





Learn to play Bridge: COMPLETE BEGINNERS

Revise/advance your skills: IMPROVERS 

Would you prefer to have a bridge class with a group of friends? Private lessons are an excellent way to learn to play bridge or improve your game, with individual sessions tailored to the needs and experience of the group.

Suitable for groups of 4-8.  Email for details :

  Replays : Video Courses + Seminars

Note:  To watch video replays you need to have a gmail address or free google account. 


 Learn to Play Bridge Lessons for Beginners

Learn to Play Bridge  Beginner's Course: 6 Lessons

Video Course: Available December 2023

For complete beginners or those keen to revise the basics. Learn bridge online with detailed topic notes for each lesson together with quizzes to check your progress. 




 Letter X in Circle

When to Double for Penalties: Seminar

 Video: 90 mns: £8.00   Acol/Standard

How do you decide whether to double your opponents' contract? When competitive bidding is in danger of spinning out of control, it's often difficult to know whether to pass, bid again (often at the dreaded five-level), or double the other side for penalties. This recorded learn bridge online lesson tackles scoring, vulnerability and how to assess the odds of your contract making. 

The video is recorded from a live session. Access the replay with a gmail or google account.


 Spades and Hearts Circled

Opener's Rebid: A Critical Bid in the Auction: Seminar

Video: 90 mns: £8   Acol

Your rebid as opener is most important as it gives partner crucial information about the shape and strength of your hand. Get to grips with the idea of breaking your barrier (reversing) when holding a strong hand.

The video is recorded from a live session. Access videos with a gmail/google account



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 Learn bridge online: Enjoy video replay or face-to-face bridge lessons, with Oasis Bridge Tuition

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