Online Bridge Tuition

Oasis Bridge Tuition offers you the opportunity to learn bridge online with videos,  or face to face with private lessons in the Bristol area. 





What is Online Bridge Tuition Like?


Learn how to play bridge online with fun, informative lessons.

Although the bidding system is modern Acol, Lessons on DECLARER play and DEFENCE are suitable for Acol and Standard players. 

Lessons include:

  • Step by step presentations
  • Working through practice hands


What do I need to learn to play bridge?

You will be able to rewind and replay Youtube videos so you can learn at your own pace. It may help to take notes and use a crib sheet. Practice is important in learning the game, so it's worth signing up to online sites such as Bridge Base Online where you can play and practice against the computer.

Lessons for Beginners and Improvers. You may never have played cards before, or would like to increase your confidence in bidding, play and defence.

These bridge lessons  can help you discover new approaches and revise previous ones. 


Private Lessons: Bristol 

Learn to play Bridge: COMPLETE BEGINNERS
Revise/advance your skills: IMPROVERS 

Would you prefer to have a bridge class with a group of friends? Private lessons are an excellent way to learn to play bridge or improve your game, with individual sessions tailored to the needs and experience of the group.

Suitable for groups of 3-8.  Email for details :

 Video Course

Learn to Play Bridge: Beginners

Beginner's Course on YouTube: Weekly Lesson from 1st January 2024

For complete beginners or existing players keen to revise the basics.

1. Bridge Basics: Taking tricks

2. Opening 1NT and Responses

3. Opening One of a Suit and Responses

4. Declarer Play Tactics

5. Suit Overcalls and Responses

6. Opening Leads in Defence

Beginners Crib Sheet 

Opening balanced and unbalanced hands at the one-level, responses and opener's rebid.  

Download Beginners Crib Sheet


Crib Sheet

Download Crib Sheet




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 Learn to play bridge: Enjoy video or face-to-face bridge lessons, with Oasis Bridge Tuition

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