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Common Bridge Mistakes: Supporting Partner's Minor

When partner opens one of a minor suit (diamonds or clubs) it may be fine to support with four or more cards. However, if you hold a 4-card major suit (spades or hearts) it is usua...  more  

Weak Suit Preference

When partner has bid two suits and you have a weak hand and no 8-card fit, it's usually best to leave the contract in the longest suit at the lowest level possible. It can be easy...  more  

Taking a Finesse: Learn to Play Bridge

Taking a finesse is a technique to try and make an extra trick or tricks by winning with a lower honour card when opponents have higher honour cards. It works about 50% of the tim...  more  

Opening 4441 Hands

4441 hands are difficult to open as they have no long suit and they're not really balanced. If you open one of a suit and bid a second suit you promise five or more cards in the fi...  more  

2NT Opening Bid

The opening bid of 1NT shows a balanced hand 12 –14 HCP (Acol) or 15-17 (Standard). In both systems, an opening bid of 2NT is much stronger and shows around 20 – 22 HCP. The hand n...  more  

Common Bridge Mistakes

It may not be immediately obvious, but you can't win extra tricks by trumping in the hand with the long trump holding - this is usually the dummy hand. Trying to do so may leave yo...  more  

Covering Honours: More Defence

The advice to 'cover an honour with an honour' aims to force declarer to use two high cards to win a trick. When this happens, it often promotes a card that can win a trick for you...  more  

1NT Overcalls

A direct overcall of 1NT over an opening bid of one of a suit shows a generally balanced hand, 16-18 points (or a good 15) and at least one stopper in your opponents' suit. This s...  more  

8 Ever 9 Never

8 ever 9 never is a guideline in declarer play to help decide whether or not to take a finesse for the missing Queen when holding the other top honours. With eight cards in the sui...  more  

Keeping Track of Trumps

Declarer Play in a suit contract involves keeping track of the trump suit, whether you plan to draw trumps immediately or hold off for a few rounds to cross-trump one or more trick...  more